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Moving Checklist and Planning


Let All Moving Matters Be Your Guide

Thinking About Moving?

Our team of experienced move managers will be your guide throughout the process. 

We combine experience, attention to detail and a personal approach to make your move less time-consuming and so much easier for you and for your family.

At All Moving Matters, our goal is a smooth transition. And our approach begins

with the successful result in mind – by providing a less-stressful experience and

creating a home that’s comfortable, beautiful and ready-to-move-in. 

floor planning for a move


Every move is unique and we cater our planning to your needs. There are so many people, services, appointments and arrangements to coordinate. All Moving Matters will take care of these details so that your move from one home to another is seamless - allowing you to focus on what it is important to you.  

Packing for a move


Our goal is to create a home that is ready for you to live in, with minimal disruption to your lives. All Moving Matters carefully packs your household, room-by-room in partnership with the professional movers. We pay close attention to detail and are careful to make note of how your home is arranged and organized - recreating your living space and minimizing the sense of disruption to your life. 

Unpacking and resettling after a move


All Moving Matters is there to supervise the movers and support you on move day - ensuring that all is loaded on the truck and the placement of furniture and boxes is according to your plan.  

Unpacking your belongings; ensuring that your computers, TVs, phones, and lamps are working; making your beds; and arranging your kitchen, bathrooms and closets according to your needs.  

We are there to hang your pictures and ensure that your decorative items are displayed as you wish.  And when we are finished, we remove all the packing material, leaving your home in order and ready for you to enjoy.

decluttering... (keep, recycle, trash,


Let All Moving Matters help make this difficult and timing consuming part of the moving process easier for you.  We can help you identify what you want to take with you, what items to send to family or friends, and what options exist for donation or sale of your belongings.  And we can assist you with shredding, shipping, and clearouts.

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