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All Moving Matters Can Help You Stay Safely  @Home

Downsize, Simplify, Stay @Home

Moving may not be the best decision for right now, but you still desire a change. Our homes can become cluttered with "stuff" and may not work as well as they have in the past.  It's easy to become overwhelmed by the daunting prospect of downsizing, de-cluttering, organizing, and discarding. 

Here's where All Moving Matters can assist with numerous downsizing and simplifying tasks in your current home. We provide guidance, encouragement, and hands-on help.  We apply the same coordinated, compassionate organizing techniques to help you STAY in your home as we do to help you move.

All Moving Matters has learned to how to best accomplish our clients' @Home goals - listening, planning, simplifying and adapting.  

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  • Understanding and defining  your vision and goals for staying in your home

  • Understanding your budget

  • Assessing your environment for safety and functionality

  • Sharing suggestions and  modifications for your current living situation


  • Creating a floor plan based on discussions and recommendations

  • Repurposing existing space so that it works for you now

  • Identifying partners to assist in making modification

  • Determining timeframes and responsibilities


  • Determining your future needs and simplifying your lifestyle

  • Evaluating what will remain in the home

  • Deciding what to sell, donate, discard and making it happen

  • Creating spaces that will work for you


  • Addressing safety concerns and reducing common in-home hazards

  • Adapting and modifying your current home as necessary

  • Partnering with proven resources to ensure that projects are timely, cost-efficient, and impactful

Serving Seniors

Your needs @Home are not what they used to be - perhaps the stairs are a bit more difficult, the shelves a bit out of reach, the bathrooms a bit less accessible.  We'll help you create a home that allows you to continue to create memories, minimize your costs, and ensure that your new home works for you. We listen to you and then plan, simplify, and adapt your current home to allow you to stay @Home. 

Helping Your Parents

To Remain Safely @Home

We're here to help.  Perhaps you live out of the area, or you're feeling overwhelmed and your time is limited - All Moving Matters can be the solution and can help you and your family through this transition.  Our experience, attention to detail and personal touch can be the answer for you.

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