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All Moving Matters Revitalizes Closet Spaces

Closets Causing You Stress? 

All Moving Matters can help you revitalize your storage spaces - from refreshing your current solutions to re-envisioning your current spaces and providing personalized closet designs.  

We are guided by your needs. Our extensive knowledge of closet solutions, organizational systems, strategies and products are key to finding the right answer for you.  We work creatively to bring functionality and order along with comfort and style to your closet and storage needs. 

All Moving Matters is one of two Philadelphia-area companies chosen to partner with The Container Store - as part of their Contained Home program.  Having a deep understanding of the company, its products, and its services only enhances our ability to serve our clients.  We are closet experts with The Container Store and can help you measure, design and arrange for installation of your dream closet in Elfa, Avera or Laren.  

Closet Solutions

Avera is The Container Store's newest option for your custom closet.  Innovative design meets functionality and beauty - from carefully matched back panels and supports and optional LED lighting to specialized shoe storage and full extension, one-touch drawers.  Accessory organizers and jewelry trays are available to perfectly fit the shelves, drawers and cubes.

Avera provides a custom solution for less than you thought possible.


Elfa is The Containers Store's original custom shelving and drawer system, perfect for any budget and any room in your home. 

It is such a versatile solution that you will want to use it in everywhere - from bedroom closets to pantries and playrooms to your garage and basement.  It's truly customizable and easily adjustable to accommodate your ever-changing needs.  

Elfa provides solutions and options for every budget. Just reach out to All Moving Matters to get you started.


Choosing Laren to create your dream closet allows you to build a truly custom closet that reflects your personality and style. 

Exclusive finishes, luxurious styles and elegant accessories are available to get the look you've always wanted.  So many decisions to make about what to include - drawers? doors? shoe and handbag displays? lighting? beautiful knobs and pulls?  But what fun decisions to make!

All designed to fit your style and your budget.

Overhead shot of neatly ordered clothes


Sometimes the answer to your closet issues can be as simple as a closet refresh.  We help you to sort, determine what to keep, donate, recycle, and then reorganize your existing space. 

We work with our clients in any space in your home - bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, kitchens, playrooms, basements, attics, garages and more.  

All Moving Matters can help  - we work to understand your needs and your routines and help you find a way forward.  We'll establish systems and storage zones to gain control over the spaces.   

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